Eucalyptus 3.3 Show and Tell. Y’all come!

After every sprint, the Eucalyptus engineers hold a Show and Tell session, where they share what they’ve been working on with everyone else in the company.  Technically, these Show and Tell sessions are for “product management validation acceptance” or some such blah blah blah — but I like it because it lets all of the engineers strut their stuff, so they can be stars inside the company.

Well, bleep that.  I say let ’em be stars outside of the company too!

Thus: on Wednesday March 13th, at noon Pacific time, we will be opening our Show and Tell to the entire world.  It’ll probably run a couple of hours or so.  Some of the goodies we’ll be showing for 3.3 Sprint 4:

* nearly full implementations of ELB, Cloudwatch, and Autoscaling

* mechanisms for node evacuation and instance migration

* user console improvements and features

* next generation storage adapters

We’ll run a Gotomeeting session for the audio and screen sharing, and we will be on #eucalyptus-meeting on freenode for those who want to ask questions of the Eucalyptus engineering team — time allowing, of course, since we’re going to have a lot to show off. 🙂

Sign up now and we’ll see you online on Wednesday.

Eucalyptus 3.3 Show and Tell. Y’all come!

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