Euca School, first day of class!

I’m excited for our first #eucalyptus-classroom session on freenode on Monday (noon Eastern US time). Expect it to be the first of many.

The topic for this first meeting is Eutester, which is the new Eucalyptus harness for writing test cases.  This is A Big Deal, since Eutester is based on boto and paramiko, which are also compatible with AWS.  For users who are planning to script interactions between Eucalyptus and AWS, Eutester will be absolutely invaluable.  We’re also going to be using it to write the entire nextgen Eucalyptus testing suite (which is already immense btw.)

Be sure to take a look at Vic’s blog post about setting up the Eutester environment.

Hope to see you there.

Euca School, first day of class!