FUDCon, How I’ve Missed You

It’s always nice to visit family for a while, and see how the kids have grown.  FUDCon Blacksburg felt an awful lot like a family reunion — except one with a lot more learnin’ going on.  Just a small part of what I learned:

* ARM is coming.  Raspberry Pi is cool, and there’s way cooler down the road.  We’re working on our first little event kit that Eucalyptians will be able to use for demos at some point.  Right now it’s three laptops.  In a couple of years, it’s likely to be a laptop and a half-dozen itty bitty ARM systems.

* Talked with Seth and Smooge about a use case we’d been considering in Fedora-land for a long time: the “community cloud”, in which community members can basically dedicate machines to the Fedora cause.  It’s been a dream scenario for a long time — maybe we’ve got a shot at making it reality with Euca’s help.  Each contributed machine could become the equivalent of an “availability zone”, essentially.  Could be an interesting way of provisioning a lot of build systems in a pinch, and so on.  We’ll see how things shake out.

* Silvereye, a project to simplify Euca installation, is coming along.  I installed my first ever Eucalytpus system this weekend using Silvereye 0.01 and Euca 2.0.3, and I’m basically the equivalent of a trained chimpanzee.  We’ve got some improvements to make, but I’m convinced that we’re on the right path.  (Silvereye == Silver I == AgI == Silver Iodide == Cloud Seeder.)

* I love the ideas behind Boxgrinder, and Marek’s presentation reinforced that lovin’ feeling.  I think we should absolutely be pimping Boxgrinder as one of the primary tools to build Euca images.  Poke to Marek to make slide deck public plz.  🙂

* Thanks to John Mark’s excellent Gluster presentation, I learned why Eucalyptus calls its storage mechanism “Walrus”.  I am clearly late to this understanding.

Good times, good times.  Looking forward to the next one, whenever and wherever that may be.

FUDCon, How I’ve Missed You