Awesome new Akihabara game

Amazing what talented people can do with Akihabara in a brief period of time (72 hours). The theme of the following game: “It’s dangerous to ‘go’ alone!”

It’s an old-school, dead-simple, puzzle-based 2d game, in which you and your kitten both have to go potty. When you move, both you and your kitten move — unless one of you is stuck by a wall or something, in which case only one of you moves.

Each level has four elements: a potty, a roll of TP, a catbox, and a bag of kitty litter. The cat can’t go potty if you don’t pick up the kitty litter, and you can’t go potty if you don’t pick up the TP.

An awesome little conceit, simple code (just “view source”, JS+HTML5 FTW), and an addictive gameplay experience. Awesomeness.

(And no, I haven’t done nearly enough on Tinygames/Mongo recently, but that’s about to pick up soon, I think. Fingers crossed.)

Awesome new Akihabara game