Annotation of Euca demo 3.3 milestone 4

We’ve got two hours worth of demo video from yesterday’s show and tell session for Eucalyptus 3.3 milestone 4 — with every milestone, we continue to improve the most compatible AWS private cloud platform.  ELB, autoscaling and cloudwatch are pretty much in the bag; now it’s mostly spit and polish. For those who don’t want to watch the whole two hours, but are interested in the progress of various features, here’s the timings of the various demos:

At 2:38, David Kavanagh talks about data management features in the UI.

At 11:00, Ean Schuessler talks about data layer architecture changes in the UI.

At 25:42, Jeff Uphoff at 25:42 talks about migrating instances from one node controller to another.

At 45:15, Vasya Kochergin talks about migrating instances in vmware.

At 51:35, Swathi Gangisetty talks about support for NetApp cluster mode.

At 1:19:30, Steve Jones talks about autoscaling improvements.

At 1:28:56, Ken Edwards talks about cloudwatch improvements.

At 1:37:35, Evan Thomas talks about cloudwatch alarms.

At 1:49:20. Sang-Min Park talks about elastic load balancing.

At 2:05:45, Matt Spaulding talks about the elastic load balancer VM.

Enjoy. As always, if you have any qyestions, feel free to ask on IRC (#eucalyptus on freenode) or join our mailng list.

P.S. we should have Silvereye builds of 3.3m4 available early next week.

Annotation of Euca demo 3.3 milestone 4