Calling my shot

I predict that Ubuntu 11.10 will be named “Ostentatious Ocelot”.

If I’m right, someone owes me a dollar. And maybe royalties.

Calling my shot

15 thoughts on “Calling my shot

    1. Llewton says:

      My thoughts exactly. Ocelot after all has reasons to be ostentatious.
      Ostrich, not so much so.

      As for what happens after ZZ, I see people have faith in Ubuntu’s longevity 🙂

      I don’t, not particularly.

  1. @ Zoltan: Querulous Quail? 😉

    After Z-Z I propose they follow the spreadsheet convention of AZ, AB etc:

    Apprehensive Zebra, Ambitious Budgie, Antagonistic Canary…

  2. Willem Ferguson says:

    If there is one thing that the opensource project needs,it is openness. I was recently involved in contributing to an app in the KDE environment and was amazed by the degree of territoriality and parochial interests by the developers of that specific app. I do not know if the opensource projects has any aims. It is just too diverse an assortment of people. But if it has dreams of becoming a standard, largely replacing proprietary products, then turf wars is an assured way of destroying these dreams. Is it not time we focused seriously on collaborating, creating something together that would not be possible elsewise? And to work ceaselessly to convince those who develop software for their own parochial interest that there is a bigger picture? Should the comments above not rather reflect a desire to promote openness? Just think of how the above discussion makes the developers at Apple and Microsoft giggle…..

    1. Zav says:

      Agreed, I always step back when try to join something for the comments of most of the greedy “leaders” and “heads” of foss groups (that actually are old and not kids) thay want a share for the use of the code forgetting that the idea of foss is not that kind of “share”

      Greed, venom, poison… may have helped 15 years ago, but now is the XXI century and, for me, that archaic behavior is out of place

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